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Prime Auto Auction has added another great service for our New Car Franchise Dealers only – the most exciting  sale in Southern California.


Anchored by AutoNation’s Southern California dealer’s aged Frontline inventory, and participating New Car Dealers Frontline units, we are now conducting a weekly sale.

All transactions will be handled by Prime Auto Auction including payment, titles, arbitration, and transportation, just like at our bricks and mortar auction.


You can now buy and sell the best Frontline units available in Southern California at this weekly sale held every Tuesday afternoon at 2 PM. The live portion of the sale is held at the AutoNation Regional Office in Cerritos, CA which is located in the AIS Building - 17785 Center Court Drive (Suite 100). A complimentary lunch is served starting at 1:30.


If you are interested in participating, and are a New Car Franchise Dealer, please contact Lew Beshoff at




Prior to each sale, and no later than 2 PM Monday, email (to or fax to (310) 380-5083 attention “Book Sheet Sale”, a copy of the Kelley Bluebook Breakdown Report (Booksheet) and "Booksheet Entry Form" for each vehicle to be offered for sale. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the information is complete and accurate.


Completely and accurately fill out the “Booksheet Entry Form” and submit with each book sheet. Be sure to include the full VIN#. You can download the Booksheet Entry Form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.




  1. All participants in the sale must be a registered New Car Dealer at Prime Auto Auction.
  2. All units offered for sale must be Frontline ready.
  3. All vehicles in the sale must be accompanied by a floor price or must be represented by the seller at the sale.
  4. Any issues or items over $500 may be arbitrated. All safety items can be arbitrated regardless of cost. Non-disclosure of paint work and/or previous body damage repair may be arbitrated. ($500 rule applies)
  5. Full disclosure of any and all defect is required. Disclosure can save you from arbitration. 
  6. Autocheck and CarFax may be arbitrated for mileage and accident indicators. 
  7. Missing labels/stickers on repaired/painted parts may be arbitrated. 
  8. Misbooked items will be adjusted automatically for blue book value.
  9. All arbitration requests must be submitted via e-mail within 72 hours of receipt of the unit. Arbitration will not be considered if received after this time.
  10. If arbitration is disputed, unit will be shipped to Prime (at the losing dealer’s expense) for inspection. An inspection fee will be charged. 
  11. Prime Auto Auction must be notified by 12 noon (following day of sale) in relation to any unit that has been retailed or the sale has to be canceled. Failure to notify Prime will result in buy/sell fee being charged to seller.
  12. All arbitration and retail notifications must be submitted via e-mail to: Phone notifications and messages will not be accepted.
  13. Central Valley Transport will handle all transportation. AutoNation stores only - For units sold within market (outside of So. Cal) buyer/seller need to arrange transportation.
  14. All titles and payments will be handled by Prime Auto Auction.
  15. Booksheets and Entry Forms must be submitted prior to 2 PM Monday. No Exceptions.
  16. If a sold vehicle is arbitrated and becomes an unwind, the selling dealer incurs ALL transportation costs. 
  17. PAA, if and when necessary, will inspect units being arbitrated by an independent inspector - AIM (Alliance Inspection Management). Losing dealer pays inspection costs. 
  18. If necessary, any unit that is arbitrated and subsequently unwound, at the request of the seller, can be sold at the nearest NAAA member auction.
  19. Vehicles offered for sale by Hertz will always be considered "prior rentals" and limited arbitration will be permitted. All Hertz units will be announced and sold as "fresh trades".



Frontline – Book sheet arbitration.


The following rules will take effect immediately in relation to units sold through the Tuesday frontline book sheet sale.


As you have been made aware “disclosure is paramount “so to avoid issues state what you know.


The $500 rule applies – any item or items together costing less than $500 to repair will NOT be arbitrated, unless it is a safety item.


An independent Inspector (in most cases) will verify issues. The “loser” pays $100 inspection fee.


If an adjustment for reconditioning is given then it must be used for what the adjustment was given for. If subsequently at a later date it is discovered that an adjustment was given and the reconditioning was not performed, that adjustment may be reversed.


Please do not e-mail UVD, arbitration is handled through Prime Auto Auction only. Lew Beshoff. GM. All arbitration will be handled thru e-mail and Prime Auto Auction’s decision is final!!!!


To make things right we must do what is right!!!!!


  • Any unit – non disclosure of previous paintwork/body damage repairs/required paintwork/carfax accident issues – unit may be subject to unwind or adjustment.
  • Cosmetic – non disclosure may be arbitrated. Cigarette burns/rips in fabric etc.
  • Mechanical – If a unit has mechanical/recon issues, after verification, the unit will be adjusted for the amount requested. The unit will not be subject to unwind in most cases. Obviously if the unit has frame/engine/transmission issue it may be subject to unwind. There will be no negotiation on adjustment price. Items that should have been completed in initial recon such as oil changes/battery tests/filters etc that have not been completed may be arbitrated on a case by case basis. Remember the $500 rule please.
  • “C” cars – Any unit with more than 70,000 miles or six years and older is considered a “c” car. There will be exceptions obviously. These units may only be arbitrated in relation to the AutoNation 50 point check list – nothing else.
  • Misbooked unit – unit will be adjusted/if the misbook greatly devalues the unit it may be subject to unwind.
  • Unwinds – subject to $300 fee and all transportation and inspection costs.
  • Prior rentals – Prior rentals must be announced – three model years including current year.


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Booksheet Entry Form