Disclaimer and Indemnity

Neither AutoNation Auto Auction, a California corporation, nor its parent, nor any affiliate or subsidiary of any of the above entities (collectively “AutoNation Entity”), assumes any liability or losses whatsoever (absolute or contingent), costs or expenses (including without limitation, attorney’s fees or costs, or any other litigation expense) whether incidental, consequential or otherwise to any party, including, without limitation, its Customer, transportation company, or Designated Representatives, as a consequence of transporting any vehicle to or from a AutoNation Entity facility. Said parties hereby indemnifies and holds harmless each and all of the AutoNation Entities from any claims, charges, demands, suits, or causes of action whatsoever, including without limitation attorney’s fees, costs or any other litigation expense, which may arise as a consequence of transporting any vehicle to or from a AutoNation Entity facility. Transportation companies are an independent third-party transportation company, not owned or operated by any AutoNation Entity.

Terms and Conditions:


1. Designating a person to act as your agent at the point of pickup and/or delivery.
2. Having your vehicle ready for transportation when a truck is sent to acquire the vehicle.
3. Verifying the vehicle is free of contents.
4. Disarming of any alarm systems, removing any loose parts, protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers.., etc. Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transportation is the customer’s responsibility including damages caused to any and all other vehicles involved.
5. Confirming your vehicle’s condition. This must be done before the driver leaves the destination.
6. Must be present for the inspection at the time of pick-up and delivery.
7. Must sign the Invoice/Contract at both origin and destination.
8. Must advise us of any modifications made to your vehicle such as lift kit, vehicle lowered, camper shell, bed liner etc.
9. Must remove all non-permanent outside mounted luggage and other racks.


• Must be operable. If it is not, additional fees or methods may apply.
• May not exceed 7’ in height.
• Must have a minimum of 4” ground clearance to safely load and unload your vehicle.
• Must be clean for inspection. A dirty vehicle decreases the ability to perform a quality inspection.
• Must not have more than (1/4) tank of fuel.
• Must have no obvious fluid leaks.


1. Any damage not resulting from TRANSPORTER NEGLIGENCE.
2. Any damage caused by failure factory tie-down or pull through frame tie-down holes.
3. Any damage caused by any vehicle that can not be driven on or off the transport truck under it’s power (ex: vehicle will not run or has lost its braking system )
4. Any convertible tops that are loose, torn, or have visible wear, vehicle boots, Caps, masks, bras, or any other type of canvas or material covering. NO EXCEPTIONS
5. Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling system antifreeze solution. Industrial fallout or fallout resulting from acts of God.
6. Mechanical functions, exhaust systems, alignment, suspension or tuning of engine. Inspection of these items are not practical at time of shipment.
7. Damages occurring while loading or unloading inoperable vehicles due to defective, worn or improperly attached part.
8. Damages or loss of lose parts or special equipment when not listed on this contract and/or when not properly wrapped and stored so as to prevent loss or damage.
9. Articles left in vehicles or damages caused by articles inside.
10. Auto Rentals accruals will not be honored.
11. Damage caused by freezing of cooling system and/or batteries. Protection from freezing will be the responsibility of the shipper.
12. Damage to tires unless noted on bill of lading and signed by driver.
13. Damage to plastic molded or covered interiors such as dash boards, seats, etc. due to weather conditions.
14. Loss of market value.

Prices, Rates, Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.